Sqlite database from cmd.

Android apps or sdk comes in with a database built right into it, known commonly as sqlite.Being most widely used database for a wide range of mobile devices, its quite a task when it comes to integrating it correctly to the app.
With the apps built up for testing its quite a pinch, when one has to know weather the given data has been updated into the database.

The method for checking or updating the sqlite database from command prompt can be done with few guided steps as mentioned below.

Checking the working of database in the eclipse environment.

1)go in the ddms mode from the main menu bar.
2)from the left hand side select the required package
3)go to file explorer from the subtitle bar ::adjacent to ddms mode in the same line .
4)select data folder then sub folder named data.
5)seect the package from the subsequent layout.
6)select database

To check through command shell and do the required editing

1)cd and reach to sdk source.
2)cd and reach to sdk
3) cd and reach to platform-tools.
4)enter command ::adb shell (press enter)
5)enter command ::cd data (press enter)
6)enter command ::cd data (press enter) *2nd time
7)enter command :: ls
lists the required package.
8)enter command ::cd and <required package>.
9)enter command :: ls
10)enter command ::cd databases
11)enter command :: ls
12)enter command ::sqlite3

to exit from sqlite shell :: .exit


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