Best short cuts that makes things smooth as butter…..

We all have been there, having to scroll up and down, juggling with pages, using multiple devices and other stuff that makes things more cumbersome than its supposed to be. With few of the short-cuts mentioned here makes those things bit easy with right combination of keys.

For Web Browsers

  • Press Ctrl+O , then select file. -> Opens a file from your computer in Google Chrome.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift and click a link. -> Opens the link in a new tab and switches to the newly opened tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab -> Switches to the previous tab.
  • Alt + left arrow -> Goes to the previous page in your browsing history for the tab.
  • Alt + right arrow -> Goes to the next page in your browsing history for the tab.
  • Alt+ E -> Opens the Chrome menu
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc -> Opens the Task Manager.
  • Ctrl + left arrow -> Moves your cursor to the preceding key term.
  • Ctrl + right arrow -> Moves your cursor to the next key term.
  • Ctrl + E -> Jumps into the address bar and does a search query
  • Ctrl+Enter -> Adds www. and .com to your input in the address bar and open the resulting URL.
  • Alt+D -> Highlights the URL.
  • Ctrl+Shift+D -> Saves all open pages as bookmarks in a new folder.

There is more to mobile web development than just HTML, Javascript and CSS


There are three main technology choices to consider when building apps for smart devices; web, native, and hybrid.

Web apps are built and deployed to a web server running in a data center and viewable through any device’s web browser. Native apps are built specific to a device’s platform and are downloaded and installed onto the device through an app store. Hybrid apps are built using similar web-based technologies as web apps but are bundled up and deployed inside native app wrappers that are distributed to users through app stores just like native apps.

Choosing which of the three different types of mobile apps to build involves prioritizing three potentially conflicting sets of goals. Those goals are time to market, total cost of ownership and the user experience. Time to market can include the total time it takes to develop an app for multiple platforms, or just one platform. Total cost of…

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If this research pans out, don’t bring a bag of potato chips to the secret meeting

Quite preplxed, is it not the same thing shown in the movie Eagle eye !!!


MIT, Microsoft and Adobe researchers recently took a video of a room from 15 feet away through a pane of soundproof glass. Even though they obviously couldn’t hear, they were able to tell exactly what was said inside the room. Their secret? A vibrating bag of potato chips caught on film.

“When sound hits an object, it causes the object to vibrate,” lead paper author Abe Davis said in a release. “The motion of this vibration creates a very subtle visual signal that’s usually invisible to the naked eye. People didn’t realize that this information was there.”

The team created an algorithm that can translate those tiny vibrations back into audio, allowing them to extract intelligible speech from objects. The researchers successfully pulled sound from videos of tinfoil, water in a glass and a plant.

Their work could be useful to determine the composition of different types of objects. As Davis put it, “different…

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Batch files

Using batch files ::
Batch files are used to make things less boring and bit faster.
It works on the principle of using the cmd for various tasks.
cmd uses the folder as directories.

To begin with
Batch files work with Windows only.There are scripts that work like batch files
on Linux but they known as bash.

What it does ::
It creates a custom user set on-click application.
The application can do the autonomous task like creating a folder, opening list of folders

Starting ::
A application to create folder/s and opening them

1)create a text file with .bat extension.
2)on creating it there would be a icon on the subsequent screen where the .bat file
was created.
3)right click on the icon and select the edit mode.
4)enter the following command in the file.

@echo off <—starts the cmd and executes the command
md folder1 <—creates a folder named "folder1"
start folder1 md foldername as required.

Batch files are great tools to work around as they have many advance features, along with creating and starting a folder.
The commands that are used are highly sensitive if used carelessly it might create unwanted results.

Sqlite database from cmd.

Android apps or sdk comes in with a database built right into it, known commonly as sqlite.Being most widely used database for a wide range of mobile devices, its quite a task when it comes to integrating it correctly to the app.
With the apps built up for testing its quite a pinch, when one has to know weather the given data has been updated into the database.

The method for checking or updating the sqlite database from command prompt can be done with few guided steps as mentioned below.

Checking the working of database in the eclipse environment.

1)go in the ddms mode from the main menu bar.
2)from the left hand side select the required package
3)go to file explorer from the subtitle bar ::adjacent to ddms mode in the same line .
4)select data folder then sub folder named data.
5)seect the package from the subsequent layout.
6)select database

To check through command shell and do the required editing

1)cd and reach to sdk source.
2)cd and reach to sdk
3) cd and reach to platform-tools.
4)enter command ::adb shell (press enter)
5)enter command ::cd data (press enter)
6)enter command ::cd data (press enter) *2nd time
7)enter command :: ls
lists the required package.
8)enter command ::cd and <required package>.
9)enter command :: ls
10)enter command ::cd databases
11)enter command :: ls
12)enter command ::sqlite3

to exit from sqlite shell :: .exit

Packages in java

As the name goes it quite obvious that, Packages are collection of set or collection of something that are of same type. They are invoked in the first line of code.

There are basically two types of packages.

Type 1: Built in type or system defined.
Type 2: User defined or customized version.

What can be done with packages in JAVA.

1.It can be used to categorize and maintain the classes that are used frequently.
2.It helps in providing ACCESS protection and removes NAMING collision.

HOW TO USE packages:
Packages can be considered as a per-structured frame layout which contains many classes that  a user can invoke by calling in the initial lines of the code.There is basically two ways in which a package can be imported.

1.By using –import java.util.Arrays; —  this line imports the necessary settings needed for creating arrays, while this line of code imports ONLY the settings that are required to build array.

2.By using — import java.util.*; — imports the complete package.

The optimized way of using packages are  by importing only the the required class i.e., by using the 1st method, as it makes the program lightweight and fast.