The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are coming to Virgin Mobile October 1


Starting next week, you’ll be able to pick up a new iPhone 5s(s aapl) or iPhone 5c on Virgin Mobile (if it can keep them in stock, that is). The contract-free carrier will be offering Apple’s latest iPhones with unlimited data for the full retail price upfront.

Virgin’s data plans start as low as $35 and included unlimited 3G and 4G data (though speeds are throttled significantly once you reach a monthly cap of 2.5GB). If you sign up for Auto Pay, Virgin is currently offering iPhone users a $5 monthly discount, which might make this the least expensive iPhone plan you’ll find. You’ll have to pay full retail price for the phone upfront, though, which starts at a whopping $549 for the iPhone 5c and $649 for the iPhone 5s. But those low monthly rates are incentive enough for many buyers.

Earlier this week Kevin Fitchard reported that…

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