How much of hardware is software, and do the differences even matter any more?


The worlds of hardware and software were once quite distinct: hardware products sat on shelves in boxes, while software was something you purchased or downloaded for your computer. However, that dynamic is changing — and fast.

Today, offering consumer hardware without great software isn’t viable anymore. With the emergence of connected devices, consumers aren’t just looking for great hardware or specifications; they expect great, connected experiences – from their televisions, watches, thermostats, cars, phones, etc. As Apple’s success in the market shows, it’s often the overall end-user experience, rather than category-leading specs, that determines a product’s success.

The experience begins when you open the box

Traditionally, hardware manufacturers focused on getting products to the retail shelf where consumers bought the product, and the cycle ended there. Yet today’s hardware experience is only just beginning when the customer takes the device home and opens the box. Now that everything is connected…

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