First-Time Chilean Entrepreneur Raises $16M To Disrupt Latin America’s Insurance Market


Editor’s note: Julie Ruvolo is a freelance writer and editor of You can follow her on Twitter @jruv.

Think about that pure, unbridled feeling when you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now think about the most unsexy business you could possibly start. Did you think of an insurance product and financial services aggregator? Did that get you excited?

It got one 29-year-old Chilean civil engineer excited enough to start Latin America’s first insurance product comparison site, ComparaOnline. It got seven of his family members and friends excited enough to invest $800K in an idea only the Geico gecko could love. And it got venture capitalists in two hemispheres excited enough to invest $16 million to date in a first-time entrepreneur with no track record or domain expertise.

Sebastián Valin Acuña is living out the kind of quintessential entrepreneur’s path that should make Silicon Valley veterans…

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