Nokia’s $7.2BN Devices & Services Exit Is Just The Latest Chapter In A 150-Year History Of Business Shifts


You don’t get to be an almost 150-year-old company, as Nokia is, without being good at reinvention. The Finnish company’s latest Houdini trick — announced late yesterday — is to exit smartphones by selling its Devices & Services business unit to Microsoft for $7.2 billion so it can focus on areas of its business that have not been brought low by the competition.

Make no mistake: there is no doubt that Nokia failed in smartphones. The missteps have been well documented — but the short version is they failed to move quickly enough, hanging onto their legacy Symbian OS for too long while newcomers Apple and Google’s Android pushed in and pulled the market away from them, with software built for touchscreens and slicker apps execution.

Arguably Nokia also failed by not adopting Android — and choosing to adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS instead. Of course there is no guarantee that Android…

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