These new features give Chrome Packaged Apps a more native-like app boost


Apps written to run on any computer that has the Chrome browser installed are gaining some new tricks. Google’s(s goog) Chromium team, the group behind the open source Chromium browser, announced six new and improved APIs on Monday that can be used by developers of Chrome Packaged Apps. As a result, the march towards Chrome as a desktop platform unto itself is continuing forward.

Google Keep

As a quick refresher: Packaged Apps are those than can run outside of the Chrome browser on a Mac(s aapl), Linux machine or Windows(s msft) PC. And of course, they can also run on Google Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, which operate on the Chrome OS. Think of these as standalone apps that are built on traditional web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, yet they look and behave like native apps. (You can hear a detailed explanation directly from Joe Marini, a Google developer evangelist…

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