On the eve of Google Reader’s demise, one of its former caretakers says, “thanks”


Google Reader is departing for good on Monday, and we’ve seen no shortage of posts on what this means for the news industry and fans of the beloved product. We’ve come up with your best options for replacing the product if you were a fan, but for some people, it’s still a bummer that Google (s goog) killed the product at all.

And for Kevin Fox, who worked on Google Reader back in the early days, it’s particularly personal. Fox published a sincere thanks on Friday afternoon to all of the fans of Google Reader, and noted that at least it’s a better end than many products see: “Looking on the bright side, closing down a site with an active user base gives us all the opportunity to celebrate the product’s 7.5 year run in a much richer way than the far more common ‘last one here please turn…

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