Creating invisible folders ….

This tutorial will not teach you to create hidden folders but invisible folders.
There is no point in creating hidden folders because you can just go to Tools > View > Show hidden files and folders.

Follow these steps:

1. Right click in a directory and go to New Folder.
2. Right click and then go to rename.
3. Delete the name and press Alt + 255. This will make the text disappear.
4. Right click on the folder once again but this time go to properties. Click on the “Customize” tab and go to the bottom where it says “Change Icon”.
5. Scroll over and choose a blank icon like in this picture:

Apart from this good resource there is a minor technical flaw though…..when you highlight the area with the folder, a small rectangle shows, indicating something is there. Also if you change the view to “Details” it will show it in Description.Well something is better than nothing !!


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